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Servo Motor

HF Series—Medium-inertia Motor
HP Series
HF-KP Series—Low-inertia Motor
HC Series
LM-F Series-Linear Servo Motors
TM-RB Series—Direct Drive servo motors

HF SeriesóMedium-inertia Motor
  • High-inertia machine accuracy is ensured. Suitable for machines requiring quick acceleration.
  • Range: 0.5 to 9[kW]
  • Maximum speed: 4,000 or 5,000[r/min]
  • Supports three types of detectors with a resolution of 260,000, 1 million or 16 million p/rev.
HF series
HP Series
  • Low-inertia, high-speed servo motors
  • Optimal motors for machines requiring quick acceleration
  • Range: 0.5 to 11[kW]
  • Maximum speed: 3,000 to 4,000[r/min]
  • Adaptable to both the standard detector at 1 million p/rev and high-accuracy detector at 16 million p/rev
HP series
HF-KP SeriesóLow-inertia Motor
  • Suitable for an auxiliary axis that requires high-speed positioning
  • Range: 0.2 to 0.75[kW]
  • Maximum speed: 6,000[r/min]
  • Supports a detector with a resolution of 260,000p/rev.
HF-KP series
HC Series
  • High-accuracy, medium-inertia servo motors
  • Optimal motors for ensuring the accuracy of machines with high inertia
  • Range: 0.5 to 11[kW] (for MDS-C1/CH only)
  • Maximum speed: 3,000rpm
  • Adaptable to the standard detector at 0.1 million p/rev, high-accuracy detector at 1 million p/rev and high-accuracy detector t at 1 million p/rev (for MDS-C1/CH only)
    (Available from 0.5 to 2[kW]. Only the 0.1 million p/rev detector is available when combined with the MDS-B-SVJ2. When combined with MDS-R servo drives, the range is limited from 0.5 to 3.5[kW].)
HC series
LM-F Series—Linear Servo Motors
  • Use in clean environments is possible since no ball screws are used and therefore contamination from grease is not an issue.
  • Elimination of transmission mechanisms which include backlash, enables smooth and quiet operation even at high speeds.
  • Dimensions:
    Length: 290 to 1,010 [mm]
    Width: 120 to 240 [mm]
Linear servo motor LM-F series
TM-RB Series—Direct Drive Servo Motors
  • High-torque direct-drive combined motor with a high-gain control system provides quick acceleration and positioning, which makes rotation smoother.
  • Suitable for a rotary axis that drives a table or spindle head.
  • Range:
    Maximum torque: 36 to 1,280 [N∑m]
Direct Drive Servo Motors