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Introduced here is a full lineup of Mitsubishi CNCs manufactured with standards compatible for use around the world. The M70 Series inherits the highly accurate nano-control technology of our popular M700V Series, and its models are being used a benchmark examples for setting new standards in the industry. Also featured are network CNCs specially designed for automotive production lines, the E60/E68 Series, drive units, servo and spindle motors and peripheral tools.

M700V Series NEW!
High-grade Mitsubishi CNC M700V Series, equipped with advanced complete nano control.
  • The latest RISC-CPU is installed to achieve advanced complete nano control
  • High-accuracy machining with complete nano control
  • Easy operability that significantly reduces machining setup time
M700V Series
M70V Series NEW!
Global standard Mitsubishi CNC pursuing high speed and accuracy
  • Enhanced machining accuracy and reduced tact time
  • Easy and advanced operation contributing to setup time reduction
  • Compact size
M70V Series
C70 Series
iQ Platform compatible CNC C70 Series incorporated with Mitsubishi’s state-of-the-art technologies
  • Compatible with the Mitsubishi FA integrated solution, “iQ Platform”
  • High-performance CNC integrated with high-speed PLC offers high-speed control to reduce cycle time
  • A wide variety of FA products helps construct flexible lines
c70 Series
60S Series
Global-standard CNCs with advanced performance and functions
  • 64-bit CPU and high-speed processor for PLCs, incorporated as standard equipment, enable excellent basic performance.
  • 13 languages supported.
  • High-quality die/mold machining achieved using spline interpolation and SSS control.
60S Series
E60/E68 Series
Simple CNCs with high cost-performance
  • Supports Chinese (simplified and traditional) and English.
  • 64-bit CPU basic performance.
  • Only parameter setting are necessary to convert between milling and lathe operations.
E60E68 Series
C6/C64 Series
Line-control CNCs, with abundant network functions to support diversified configurations
  • Versatile model to meet needs ranging from dedicated machines to flexible transfer lines
  • Abundant network functions to support line configuration needs.
C6/C64 Series
M700 Series
Mitsubishi’s flagship CNCs with comprehensive nanometer-scale control
  • New RISC-CPU provides advanced complete nanometer-scale control.
  • Highly accurate machining with nanometer precision.
  • Simple operation contributes to dramatically reduced setup time.
M700 Series
M70 Series
The new standard for Mitsubishi CNC, steeped in speed and accuracy
  • Enhanced machining accuracy and reduced tact time.
  • Comfortable and advanced operation contributing to reduced setup time.
  • Moving up to compact size.
M70 Series