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C70 Series - MITSUBISHI iQ Platform CNCs

Provide the maximum-scale TCO reduction effects

C70 Series

C70 Series System Configuration C70 Series System Configuration
C70 Series Specifications C70 Series Specifications(PDF)
C70 Series Catalog C70 Series Catalog
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Main Features
Main Specifications
Specifications / Model Name C70
Machining Center
Lathe System
Number of
control axes
Number of basic control axes (NC axes) 3 2
Max. number of control axes
(NC axes+Spindles+PLC axes)
16 16
Max. number of NC axes (total for part systems) 16 16
Max. number of spindles 7 4
Max. number of PLC axes 8 8
Number of simultaneous contouring control axes 4 4
Max. number of NC axes in a part system 8 8
Number of
control part
Standard number of part systems 1 1
Max. number of part systems 7 3
PLC function Program capacity [k steps] Select from among 30/40/60/100/130/260
Max. number of files to store 124/252
Number of input/output points 4,096