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C6/C64 Series  Line-compatible Models

Line-control CNCs, with abundant network functions to support diversified configurations
C6/C64 Series network CNCs are specifically designed for use in automobile parts production lines. Connectivity to PLCs, display devices, servos and other equipment ensure excellent system flexibility.

C6/C64 Series Line control CNCs

  • Versatile models that meet needs ranging from dedicated machines to flexible transfer lines (FTL).
  • Abundant network functions support diversified configurations.
    • Ethernet (EZSocket)—Information network system
    • MELSECNET/10, FL-NET—Control system network
    • CC-Link, DeviceNet, AS-i—Simplified circuitry network
  • A985GOT network response display terminal enables shared use of NC operation and machine operation panel.
  • Write function while running multi-programs, instruction expansion and other built-in PLC enhancements reduce circuitry design hours and slash total lead-time for line launch.
Main Specifications
Model Name FTL use Transfer
machine use
FTL use

machine use

C6L C6T C64M C64L C64T
No. of
Max. no. of axes (NC axes + PLC axes + spindles + auxiliary axes) 7 14
Max. no. of NC axes 4 2 14 12 14
Max. no. of spindles 2 3 4 7
No. of auxiliary axes (MR-J2-CT) 5 7
Max. no. of simultaneous contour control axes 2 4 2
Max. no. of part-systems 2 3 7
Least programmable increment 0.1µm
Communication terminal Monochrome CRT (9"),
Monochrome LCD (7.2", 10.4")
Graphic operation terminal (A985GOT)
Windows PC (external PC)
Max. program storage capacity 600m
Max. PLC program storage capacity 32,000 steps
HMI customization APLC
*This table lists maximum specifications including the options.
*Please refer to the separate specification list for detailed specifications.