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60S Series  Standard Model

Easy control with uncompromising performance
60S Series systems are the standard high-performance units in the product line. Both 64S and 65S CNCs provide high-speed machining with amazing accuracy.

High-speed, high-precision 60S Series

High-speed, high-accuracy 60S Series CNCs
  • 64-bit CPU and high-speed processor for PLCs, incorporated as standard equipment, enable excellent basic performance
  • 13 languages supported
  • High-quality die/mold machining achieved using spline interpolation and SSS control
  • Compound machining is supported by substantial multi-part-system control functions including synchronization between part-systems, cross-machining command, and synchronization and milling interpolation.
Main Specifications
Model Name Milling System Lathe System
64ASM 64SM 65SM 66SM 64ASL 64SL 65SL 66SL
No. of
Max. no. of axes (NC axes + PLC axes + spindles) 5 7 5 7 14
Max. no. of NC axes 4 6 4 7 12
Max. no. of spindles 1 2 4 1 2 4
Max. no. of simultaneous contour control axes 4 6 4 6
No. of auxiliary axes (MR-J2-CT) 4
Max. no. of part-systems 1 1 2
Least programmable increment 0.1µm 0.1µm 0.01µm
High-speed, high-accuracy control (fine segment feed rate [m/min]) 16 33 67
Die/Mold machining SSS Control
Communication terminal Monochrome CRT(9"), Monochrome LCD (7.2", 10.4"), Color LCD (8.4", 10.4")
Max. program storage capacity 600m 5,120m 600m 5,120m
Max. PLC program storage capacity 32,000 steps
HMI customization APLC
*This table lists maximum specifications including the options.
*Please refer to the separate specification list for detailed specifications.