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As a global CNC provider as well as the best partner, we provide optimum technologies and supports for the users making a step toward the future.
MITSUBISHI CNCs create new values in cooperation with the users.

Original Screen Design Environment
  • Well-developed screen design tools help bring out the uniqueness of CNCs.
  • NC Designer, which helps create original screens easily, enables users to add unique customized screens that meet machine tool characteristics.
  • Two types of designing methods are available: a programming-free method in which automatic programming is carried out upon laying out switches, buttons and data display frames, etc. and a programming method that enables higher-level processing.
Custom CNC Solution
Original Screen Design Environment
Manufacturing Support Software
We provide optimal solutions for manufacturing sites by combining various software.
Manufacturing Support Software
Energy Savings
Drive units (MDS-D/DH Series, MDS-DM Series)
Application of the power regeneration system which allows energy generated during deceleration to be efficiently used as a power supply. Use of low-loss power devices enables reductions in loss of power.
Drive units
Spindle motors/Servo motors
Energy loss of spindle motors during high-speed operation has been substantially reduced. Drive current of servo motors has also been reduced by downsizing the motors while increasing the torque.
Spindle motors/Servo motors
Mitsubishi Factory Automation Solutions
  • Our cultivated Factory Automation technologies and experience contribute to offer the best suited systems for users.
  • Our FA solutions support high and low hierarchy components, a network and even applications that control the components and network required for a manufacturing floor.
Mitsubishi Factory Automation Solutions
Mitsubishi Factory Automation Solutions